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Stopher Cavins

Psychic Medium / Blogger

Stopher Cavins is a Psychic Medium and Blogger from Los Angeles, California. He offers private readings and entertainment services via his website (

Stopher didn't become aware of the full depth of his intuitive ability until the summer of 2020 when a long-time friend asked him for help in marketing his spirit mediumship business. In the process of learning mediumship and spirituality while helping his friend, Stopher came to understand that he too had intuitive abilities to share with the world.

Since April of 2021, Stopher fully committed to his spiritual journey and allowed his spirit team to guide him to further develop his connection. He has also used his new platform to share his experiences through blogging.

March 16, 2022

S5 EP 4: Becoming a Psychic Medium with Stopher Cavins

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Stopher Cavins, as they talk about his journey towards becoming a psychic medium. S…

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