It's all about the Evolution of your Psychic Senses!!!

Psychic Evolution

Psychic Evolution

Discover the Psychic potential within and learn how to empower yourself and manifest your Psychic and Mediumship abilities.

Your Psychic senses are so natural they are super-natural!!!
Join the Evolution and find your inner beauty to heal and your inner light to shine!

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Recent Episodes

S4 EP7 House Clearings and House Blessings

Oct. 20, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they talk about house clearings and blessings. In this episode, Jamie and Maggie discuss the effects people experience that make them feel the need to call for a clearing or blessing. They also…

S4 EP6 Shared Death Experience with Special Guest, Elizabeth Boisson

Oct. 13, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Elizabeth Boisson, as they talk about shared death experiences. In this episode, Elizabeth narrates her shared death experience with the loss of her children, how she learned to …

S4 EP5 Manifestation with Enhanced Psychic Awareness

Oct. 6, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they talk about manifestation. In this episode, Jamie and Maggie share some tools and techniques to manifest more of the life you want, you can accept, and you can live by creating your reality…

S4 Ep4 Angels and Near Death Experiences with Michelle Clare

Sept. 29, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Michelle Clare, as they talk about angels and near death experiences. In this episode, Michelle goes over what happens during near death experience as she had it firsthand. She i…

S4 EP3 Colors of Emotions in a Psychic Read

Sept. 22, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark as they tackle the colors of emotions in a person’s energy field.

S4 EP2 Remote Viewing Extraterrestrials

Sept. 15, 2021

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Tom Dongo, as they discuss UFOs and remote viewing. In this episode, Tom shares his knowledge, being one of the top UFO researchers in the world. He is a leading expert in the pa…

About the Hosts

Jamie Clark

Psychic Medium

Jamie Clark is an Evidential Psychic Medium. With decades of experience and a lifetime working with his natural gifts, Jamie offers powerful and accurate validations of the spiritual dimensions around us. As a Spiritual Teacher, Jamie shares how to integrate the natural psychic senses using the empowerment of spiritual knowledge to help create a more fulfilling life of love, happiness and success.

Maggie Clark

Spiritual Coach & Healer

Maggie Clark is the Host of the Podcast, Psychic Evolution. She is a respected Tarotist who has been reading Tarot for twenty-eight years. As a Spiritual Teacher, She uses her background in Metaphysics, Astrology and Energy Healing to ignite the flame of higher wisdom in others. Maggie is committed to helping people find a way to blend their spiritual life with their everyday life for empowerment, healing, and growth.