It's all about the Evolution of your Psychic Senses!!!


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Fav Couple

This couple is such a dynamic duo. They are both so educational and compliment each other so well. There is so much to learn from this podcast, the topics seem endless, which makes me so happy so I can keep listening!!

Wonderful and Insightful Podcast

Maggie and Jamie have amazing insights and very interesting guests. They are always breaking new ground with discussions about everything from alien encounters to near death experiences to basics about how to develop your own psychic abilities. The podcast is very professionally produced. Well worth anyone’s time to expand their horizons!

This podcast is the best for spiritual & psychic development!

I am addicted to this podcast, I can’t wait foe ehe next weeks episode comes out! I amazed each week how the guests and hosts of this show continue to bring riveting stories, and real life examples of how to live a more psychically aligned life! I’ve learned so much by listening! If your curious in psychic development and mediumship this is the place! I love how they teach we are all psychic and mediums and actually teach us to use these skills! Thanks Maggie & Jamie! Harmony Fonseca

Psychic Evolution

Love this informative and educational podcast. Jamie and Maggie bring their own wisdom and experience to life. A great place to gather some insights no matter where you are on your journey.