It's all about the Evolution of your Psychic Senses!!!


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Learn quantum ways to communicate to your Higher Self, discover your soul's purpose, activate your 3rd Eye, clear your channels, and more!

Are you ready to communicate with your Higher Self? Our retreat offers great techniques and opportunities to deepen your relationship with the Divine Higher part of You. We have a beautiful retreat schedule for you:

  • Learn how to communicate to your Higher Self
  • Experience Beyond Quantum Healing with Viviane Chauvet - Arcturian Healer
  • Discover Your Soul’s Purpose
  • Explore Soul Aspects
  • Receive Channeled Messages with Jamie Clark - Psychic Medium
  • Get Clarity on Your Next Steps
  • Restore Inner Balance
  • Explore the Constellations with Maggie Clark - Astrologer Expert
  • Learn about Energy Tools with Peter Benson - Tensor Technology Expert

What is included?

Our retreat includes Gi Gong and Spiritual Walk activities, stargazing, and organic lunches.

Your Hosts:

Viviane Chauvet and Peter Benson:

Jamie and Maggie Clark:


Weekend Retreat Fee: $490

Lodging is excluded. We have a list of accommodations to provide to attendees.

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