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Sandy Rogers

Author / Entrepreneur / Connections Ambassador

Sandy Rogers has been doing business in the Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona market since 1992. Her peers know her as “The Referral Queen.” Sandy has been serving entrepreneurs in the holistic health, metaphysical, spiritual, and personal development conscious business communities since 2000 through email promotions, Marketing 101 consulting, event production, eAnnouncements, and networking.

Known for her engaging smile and warm heart, Sandy’s vast experience includes 40 plus years of expertise in corporate sales, marketing and administration with creative entrepreneurial networking skills to build her list of connections and to assist others with their business needs.

In addition to being a Master Networker and living her passion, Sandy is the founder of several entrepreneurial businesses providing a variety of resources for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs authors, inventors, speakers, healthcare and wellness professionals. Sandy is a published author of “The 5 Year Journal” and “Love Meets Life”.

She is a birthmother who surrendered her only child to adoption in 1964. She is an advocate for adoption reform and, in 1985, helped create new law in Kentucky that allowed adult adoptees to petition the courts for their original birth certificates. In 2020, she testified in the Arizona Legislature for similar law changes.

April 6, 2022

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