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Sept. 21, 2022

S6 Ep4: Sound Healing & Moonology with Kirsten Korot

S6 Ep4: Sound Healing & Moonology with Kirsten Korot

Did you know that different sound frequencies and the cycles of the moon have a huge impact on our health, mood, creativity, and even our work? Today’s guest believes that, by understanding these important instruments, we can work with them to...

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Did you know that different sound frequencies and the cycles of the moon have a huge impact on our health, mood, creativity, and even our work? Today’s guest believes that, by understanding these important instruments, we can work with them to improve and empower every aspect of our lives.


Kirsten Korot is an Intuitive Coach, Master Vibrational Sound Therapist, Guided Imagery Master, and Founder of Nature Nurture Experiences. Her philosophy centers on the belief that, as our inner world transforms, our outer world can begin to shift and blossom too.


Based in Los Angeles, Kirsten practices integrative wellness that takes your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being into consideration. She loves to educate people on the science behind the modalities that she uses in order for them to be proactive and understand the benefits of these practices in their own self-care routines. 


Today, we get a glimpse into Kirsten’s story and how she found sound therapy for herself before digging into some of the beautiful services that she offers. You’ll learn why no two sound baths are the same, how you can practice self-care with your furry friend, and how moonology can not only help you facilitate a deeper connection with your intuition but also help you to become a better manifester, plus so much more.


Make sure to stay tuned until the end for a taste of what a sound bath with Kirsten is like. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this energizing conversation!


Topics discussed in this episode:


  • Why Kirsten believes that sound therapy found her
  • How she healed herself using cymatics
  • Ways conventional medicine is opening up to different healing modalities
  • An incredible example of the power of mind over body
  • Some of the remarkable work Kristen has done with others
  • Why no two sound baths are alike!
  • How animals respond to sound therapy
  • Why Kirsten refers to her wolf pack as her soul family
  • The ancient connection between humans and wolves
  • Taking time to practice self-care with your dog
  • Kirsten’s focus on working intuitively with her clients
  • Understanding moonology (and how it differs from astrology)
  • Tapping into your intuition to become a better manifester
  • A look at Kirsten’s corporate offering
  • How these tools help facilitate creativity and create more clarity
  • Kirsten treats us to a brief, beautiful sound bath


Learn more about Kirsten and her upcoming experiences, workshops, and events by visiting her website, or connect with her by following her on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. 


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Kirsten KorotProfile Photo

Kirsten Korot

Intuitive Coach / Vibrational Sound Therapist/ Guided Imagery Master / Certified Moonologer™ / Nature Girl & Adventurer

Kirsten Korot
Intuitive Coach, Vibrational Sound Therapist
Guided Imagery Master
Certified Moonologer™
Founder of Nature Nurture Experiences™
Healing Day & Sound Bath with Wolves

Kirsten has been practicing Sound Healing for over 20 years. Her journey into this practice began when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. Kirsten knew intuitively that she had to participate in her own healing when traditional medicine was not working. She began a daily regime of sound healing on her body, guided imagery, body talk, and nature therapy and to the surprise of her own doctor cleared the illness from her body within a few months.

She is a Certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Guided Imagery Master from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute, Certified Moonologer ™ and continues to educate herself on new modalities and implement the latest techniques and instruments into her work.

In her early career Kirsten spent over 20 years in the corporate world of Film
Distribution, Advertising and Marketing so she is very familiar with working
within corporate environments and creatives. Kirsten brings her business
experience together with her work as an intuitive coach and sound healing practitioner to her private sessions, group classes, workshops, nature nurture experiences and corporate wellness programs.

CNN, Warner Media and Cartoon Network are among the companies that bring Kirsten onsite and online to facilitate sound baths for their staff as part of their corporate wellness programs. All through Covid isolation she was brought in to facilitate virtual sound baths to help with stress relief for their staff working from home across the globe. She continues to work with several corporate accounts bringing mindfulness and sound healing into the workplace.

Kirsten also continues to offer virtual classes online with Sound Baths, Reiki & Sound, Pranic Healing & Sound, Women’s Circles, Sound Baths with your Dog, Restorative Yoga & Sound and Virtual Sound Baths with Wolves all enjoyed from the comfort of home.

Since 2012 Kirsten has been bringing both private and corporate groups to experience her Nature Nurture Experiences™. One of the most popular is her VIP “Healing Day & Sound Bath with Wolves.” It is an intimate healing day immersed at a local wolf sanctuary. Kirsten donates a large percentage of all proceeds to bring in much needed funds for this 501c3 organization to help in a cause close to her heart to save and protect wolves. Kirsten creates this and other experiences with animals to bring people out of the concrete jungle away from technology and day to day stresses and worries. It is a way to reboot in nature alongside the powerful healing energy of animals, sound baths and mindfulness practices.

Kirsten’s work has been featured most recently in the Netflix series PET STARS, on KTLA 5 Live, and Million Stories Wags to Riches series about
animal entrepreneurs.

She creates in person and online Women’s Circles as a place for women to connect, practice self-care through meditation, sound healing, open sharing and support one another in an authentic way. “When women come together and commit to each other to be in a circle they create a sacred space for healing and transformation collectively that can also create change in the world.

She also works with women throughout all stages of pregnancy to bring sound to their pre-natal and post-natal experiences to manage fatigue, fear, pain, stress, anxiety and all the emotions that come up in the journey of motherhood. She facilitates mommy & me sessions: private 1:1, family, groups and public mommy & me sound baths with moms and their newborns and the sound bath is adapted beautifully to be at a safe level for their very sensitive ears!

Kirsten brings together both energetic and practical tools working with
The lessons from nature, the cycles of the moon, animals and listening to our own intuition to help people connect deeper into living a life that feels
authentic to who they are.

Kirsten’s continues to expand her work to make it accessible to people in all walks of life and all ages from newborn through seniors.

You've tried everything from meditation to white noise machines, yoga,
essential oils, and still can’t relax or you’re lacking sleep. A sound bath is an easy way to connect into a state of relaxation and a form of mindfulness meditation where you don’t have to do anything but lay down, relax, close your eyes and drift into the sounds as they wash over and through your body like ocean waves.

Kirsten uses carefully chosen instrument in her Sound Baths and Private
Sessions such 432 hz Crystal Quartz Singing bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Buffalo Drum, Chimes and other sound healing instruments that promote deep healing at a cellular level. The frequencies allow our brain to get into a THETA state of relaxation where our body can restore and activate it’s own self-healing mechanisms.

Your brain is like a human computer and when you have alot of tabs open all at the same time eventually over time your system needs a reboot. When you finally allow your system to recalibrate, what happens? It comes back faster, fresher and clearer. Sound bath meditation is like a reboot for your internal computer that relaxes mind, body and spirit all at once at a cellular level.

This practice itself gives us not only a chance to relax and contemplate but also results in many health benefits, this is just to name a few:
- boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure - increased clarity and focus, opens up creativity - pain reduction - helping with insomnia - lowering stress and anxiety - slowing down and normalizing breathing patterns, heart rate, - relaxing muscles, generating more self- acceptance, self- awareness,
compassion, and love