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Jan. 12, 2022

S4 EP19: Numerology of 2022 with Barbara Wheeling

S4 EP19: Numerology of 2022 with Barbara Wheeling

Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Barbara Wheeling, as they tackle the topic of the numerology for the year 2022. In this episode, she talks from a numerological standpoint about what is in store for 2022. Barbara has been studying...

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Join Jamie and Maggie Clark with their guest, Barbara Wheeling, as they tackle the topic of the numerology for the year 2022. In this episode, she talks from a numerological standpoint about what is in store for 2022. Barbara has been studying numerology for a long time and has been working with numbers her whole life, given her PhD degree in Accounting.


2022: A Year of Love and Relationships

From a number perspective, the sum of the digits of 2022 adds up to six. The number six is a universal year, and according to Barbara, there is more energy emphasis on home, family, community, responsibility, and service. This energy is far different and more harmonious than 2021, which was a five year. She explains that the number five is associated with change, movement, progress, adventure, and travel. She adds that the number five is not very stable, so there is a lot of drama that goes with it. Going back to 2022, Barbara says it is more about love, caring, and relationships – a good energy for healing. Other associations include abundance, home beautification, creating a harmonious home life, and a good year to get married. Barbara clarified that other years are not bad years to get married per se. It is just that the energy is much emphasized for 2022. Despite everything said, it is only a general numerology reading of the year. One’s personal year number still has things to get accounted for.


Personal Year Number

Besides the universal year number, each person also has a unique personal year number based on their birthday. The personal year number, combined with the universal year number, dictates what energy will be emphasized for 2022. For personal year number one, it is a good time to start something. Number two is about connecting and preparation, and three is more of a creative type associated with socializing and having fun. Meanwhile, it is more about getting things organized and developing a process to create harmony for number four. Five is about growth and is also associated with travel, while six emphasizes everything since it is the same as the universal year number. For number seven, it is about intellectual or spiritual energy and could be a good year for healing. Money and abundance await number eight, which could be great for those in a business or focused on their careers. Lastly, number nine is about service, and 2022 is a good year for charity work, community service, and the like. 


About Barbara Wheeling:

Barbara Wheeling served as the dean of the College of Business at Lander University. She previously served as dean of the College of Business at Montana State University Billings and associate dean and associate professor of Accounting at Emporia State University in Kansas. She has a Ph.D. in Accounting from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Numerology was what Barbara had been studying for a long time.


Outline of the Episode:

[00:48] What the numerology of 2022 is telling

[06:35] Personal year number and universal year number

[11:33] Why does a personal year number of two works well with the universal year number six

[13:54] Comparison to 2020 and 2021

[18:11] Negative side of numbers in numerology

[21:51] Twos and sixes together in terms of empathy and mental health

[23:29] Numerology and psychic abilities

[27:19] What information can be taken from numerology?

[31:07] Numerology based on names

[36:19] Does age matter in numerology?

[39:50] How to calculate the personal year number





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Barbara WheelingProfile Photo

Barbara Wheeling

Barbara learned early in her life that numbers tell a story or paint a picture. She understood how to apply this ability in her previous careers in agriculture and accounting. She began studying numerology in 2003 when she heard a well-known numerologist speak on a radio program about life path numbers. What the numerologist said about Barbara's 7 Life Path seemed to fit so well that Barbara booked a reading. The accuracy of the reading blew her away and she realized that numbers can be used for spiritual and practical purposes in a person's life. Later she had a reading from another numerologist who affirmed that Barbara would be a good numerologist herself, and so her study of numerology began in earnest. She took classes and began offering numerology readings and incorporating numerology in her intuitive coaching practice, specializing in careers or life purpose and relationships. She has developed her own style of interpreting the energy of numbers and is eager to share her insights with people who are looking to understand themselves, their relationships, or their life purpose in a more fulfilling way.